Tips For Mixing Your Own E-Liquid For Your E-Cigarette

23 June 2017
 Categories: Smoking, Blog

If you like to use E-Juice in your e-cigarette but have also decided that you want to mix your own flavor combinations, then you need to do so carefully. If you do not mix your e-liquid solutions correctly, then you can get sick and damage your lungs. To this end, follow these tips while making your custom mixed e-liquids for your e-cigarette:

Tip: Only Mix E-Juice or Other Premixed E-Liquids if You Don't have Experience with Liquid Nicotine

While it may not be as interesting and fun to mix premixed e-liquids instead of your own blends from scratch, it is much safer. You can be guaranteed you will not mix more nicotine than is healthy to vape if you only mix premix solutions together. If you want to mix your own solutions from scratch, then you need to be very educated on the topic and have a clear understanding of the dangers of handling and vaping too much nicotine.

Tip: Never Use Pure Nicotine Solutions

Nicotine in its purest form can be deadly. Since nicotine is easily absorbed through your skin, you could kill yourself while trying to clean up a simple spill. For this reason, you should only mix custom e-liquids using a diluted nicotine solution.

Tip: Always Wear Personal Protection Equipment when Working with Nicotine Solutions

To protect yourself while you are mixing up your custom e-liquid blends, you must always wear the proper personal protection equipment. At a minimum, you need to wear:

  • goggles
  • latex gloves
  • long-sleeve shirt
  • denim jeans

Goggles are necessary because any nicotine liquid that splashes into your eye is immediately absorbed into your body. The nicotine will burn your eye and can be dangerous once absorbed. Latex gloves, or nitrile gloves if you are allergic to latex, are an absolute necessity. If you do not have gloves on and accidentally spill liquid nicotine, then you could get it on your skin. A long-sleeve shirt and jeans will protect your arms and legs while you mix. And, in addition, if you have an apron you can wear then that's always an added bonus. 

Tip: Limit the Use of Your Custom E-Liquid Mixes Until You Verify Their Safety

Finally, when you mix your first batches of e-liquid to vape, make sure that you limit their use until you know what effect they will have on you. If you vape your own mixture and something seems wrong, then dispose of the liquid and don't vape it.

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