4 Types Of Cigar Styles For Beginners

18 May 2021
 Categories: Smoking, Blog

If you are getting into smoking cigars, it is essential to remember that cigars are not one thing. Cigars vary in size and shape, which is known as the cigar type. They also vary in aroma and flavor based on the tobacco used to make the cigar and the wrapper used to make the cigar.

The size and shape of a cigar will impact how long the cigar burns and how the experience of smoking the cigar will change as you smoke.


If you are short on time but still want to enjoy a cigar, you will want to go for a cigarillo-style cigar. This type of cigar is on the shorter side and isn't that wide either. It looks more like a cigarette and less like a traditional cigar. Cigarilloes are usually priced inexpensively because they don't require that much tobacco.


The robust is one of the most common sizes of cigars that are purchased in the United States. You could say it the gold standard when it comes to cigar styles. The robust is designed to take around a half-hour to forty-five minutes to smoke, long enough to be enjoyable, without being overwhelming. In addition, the time allows for the flavor to become more complex over the course of smoking the cigar.

If you are looking to have a nice smoke after a dinner out or want to enjoy a nice cigar break, a robust style cigar is usually the way to go and should be relatively easy for you to find.


A toro cigar is edging on the larger side of things. It is a longer style of cigar and thicker as well. The long, thick style is all about slowly enjoying the flavor. With many toro cigars, you will notice changes in the flavor profile as you work your way through the cigar. It can take an hour or more to enjoy a cigar of this size.


The term panatela and lancero are two terms that are used to describe the same style of cigar. This style of the cigar is narrow and long, which allows for a cool and slow burn. It is great if you want an experience that is big on taste that you can take your time enjoying.

When picking out a cigar, you need to consider more than the wrapper and type of tobacco; you also need to consider the overall style of the cigar. The thickness and length of the cigar will impact both the flavor and the burn time.

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