4 Types Of Cigar Styles For Beginners

18 May 2021
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If you are getting into smoking cigars, it is essential to remember that cigars are not one thing. Cigars vary in size and shape, which is known as the cigar type. They also vary in aroma and flavor based on the tobacco used to make the cigar and the wrapper used to make the cigar. The size and shape of a cigar will impact how long the cigar burns and how the experience of smoking the cigar will change as you smoke. Read More 

Keep Your Vaping Going With A Vape Pen Battery

23 March 2021
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Are you using a vape pen to get your daily dosage of THC or CBD? Even if you don't take a regular dose, maybe you enjoy pulling it out to give yourself a boost or help yourself relax every once in a while. That's all well and good, but you won't be vaping anything if your vape pen doesn't turn on due to a dead battery. That's a problem that's easy enough to solve, however, provided you have stocked up on one or more vape pen batteries from a local shop or supplier. Read More